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CBS MLB Scores 

Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock

Tonight will be a great fight on CBS at 10:00pm est. Kimbo has only lost 1 time and that was in a street brawl by tap out. So watch this dangerous guy take out or get upset by an old man.

Book & Resources

 Also, I am in the process of writing my own book. If you would like to help out or give me some ideas, I will be more than happy to include you in the book. The book is basically a "Fantasy football book for dummies." You can e-mail me at either everythingnewsteam@yahoo.com or j_psid@yahoo.com , just put for book as subject and thank you for coming to the site and for your help.

You can find more information and pictures from these web sites:

http://www.espn.com/, http://www.cbs.sportsline.com/, http://www.nfl.com/, http://www.nba.com/, http://www.mlb.com/