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This page will tell you how to find out more about the folks we've talked to and what sites they mention to use.

Tom Manion or aka Underparr, will be coming up in the next 4 episodes. Bringing you all the latest news about fantasy sports and how to play them, you can email him at: underparr1@yahoo.com just be sure to include "Fantasy Sports" in the subject line!  Also check out this recommended site:


MJ Coughburn was episode 15, she brough us to Quantum Leap and gave us some site:






"Quantum Retribution" via Itunes.

 Mr Jeffrey Bridges, Founder and Executive Producer of Pendant Productions:



Pendant Productions via Itunes

 Tom Katers of Around Comics and Tom vs the JLA fame:



"Around Comics" and "Tom vs the JLA" via Itunes

Trainer for Bengals is coming soon(no release date yet).