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What up everybody, my name is Joe!  Some of you may know me as Jovian Lab with Pendant Productions (http://www.pendantaudio.com/).  My passion in life is my family first and foremost.  After that my faith and then my writing!  I love doing things like the ENT podcast and acting for Pendant, but my real dream is to write...why else should someone be burdened with such a vivid imagination and creative mind that seems to overpower his senses than to write??  I ask you?!? 

I have a wonderful son named Isaac Joseph, with my BEEEE-auitful wife Rebecca, and we have just recently moved to the state of Michigan (I'd call it the wonderful state of MI but we moved back here from North Carolina and well....we know better!).  Anyways, thats pretty much me in a nutshell folks.  If you have any questions or want to get a hold of me, send me an email at everythingnewsteam@gmail.com .


ENT starts with this guy! Whats up? It's Jon, I stand about 6'4'' and I am one sexy mo fo, lol. Anyways I am engaged to be married next year to Elizabeth. Along with this marriage comes her two great boys, with my baby boy on the way.  I am also writing a book on fantasy football, hopefully with the help of our fantasy spots expert Tom Manion, Mr. Underparr. I enjoy my family and my in-laws, any sports, podcasting, and cars. Without these things in my life it would be boring.

If you want to know anymore email me at everythingnewsteam@yahoo.com with attention to Jon.

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